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Targeting the Audience to Visit Your Website
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Pay Per Click

PPC Management Services India

Aimed Web Solutions well known for promoting your websites with PPC Management Services India.We provide the Adwords Services by doing a research on the suitable keywords for the website. Having the best and certified professionals in Adwords with us. We know how to build the brand awareness and how much to spend for the google in promotions. We will create a nice suitable ad which will attracts the potential customers to visit your website. Our aim to become one of the Best Adwords Campaign Management Services Providing Company in India is going to fulfill very soon with our trusted clients.

What is PPC?

PPC Stands for Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click is also known to be as Adwords. This is a paid campaign technique using the google adwords tool. The estimated cost will depends on the clients requirements and the budget he is willing to pay. Perfect optimizing of the landing pages and quality ads creation will plays a major role in decreasing the budget. It involves in setting the adwords account, creating a campaign and adgroups, placing the matching keywords in the respective adgroups, bidding with the amount needed, optimizing the landing pages according to the keywords, showing the best results in the search engines.

PPC Management Services India

☂  Benefits?

    •  Showing the Website in Search Results
    •  Faster approach for the website ads to show in first page
    •  Become popular in less time duration
    •  Increase in branding value
    •  Targeting the right audience
    •  Website Visitors Increasing
    •  More Conversion Rates

☂  Our Strategies▼

    •  Keywords Research
    •  Creating/Writing the Ads
    •  Campaigns and Adgroups Creation
    •  Using the Ad Extensions
    •  Tracking the Ads Performance
    •  Generating the Reports
    •  Providing Detailed Weekly Report

☂  Concept of Adwords▼

    Adwords is a tool which help us in doing the pay per click campaigns. By this tool we can manage a campaign according to our requirements and convinience. It is the best way to appear in the search engine results compared with the other strategies like SEO. When ever a user enters the search term related to your focused keywords in the search engine, then your ad will get selected to appear in the ad's display box provided by the search engines. Ads Placement in the Search Engines will depend up on the landing page quality score, keywords relevancy, click through rate, bidding cost and quality of the ads.

Adwords Ads will be shown in two types of networks:
    •  Search Network :   In Search Network, we can see our ads in the google search engine. If a user place a search term in the search box, then our ads will be shown to that user with the help of Search Network only. Search Network Comprises of text, keywords with related ads. In Search Network, it will show upto 10 results. Out of 10 results, 2-3 will be shown in the top, 6-7 ads will be shown in the right side of the search engine, 1-2 ads will be shown in the bottom of the search network. Here we can able to add text only not the images. We can use extensions to show our other links in the bottom side of our ad. Here the cost will depend upon the number of clicks you received.

    •  Display Network :   In Display Network, We can show our ads in google partner websites like youtube, aol and the websites which are having the same concept of ours. We can also choose the websites on which our ads to be appear. We can use images, videos and text as well in this Network. Even a flash images also can be placed in this display network. With the help of this network, the branding value will get increase as so many people will see our ads and some people will show some interest to visit your website. Here the cost will be depends on the number of impressions you received.

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